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Short Term Memory Loss Good for Business Growth?

As you get older your memory may start to fade. You may find yourself walking into a room and saying, “Now why did I come in here….” This causes either laughter or frustration. While this may not be a great result of aging for some reasons, it can be VERY good for growing your business.

As an entrepreneur or CEO, you’ll have good days and bad days. There will be days where everything is rosy, deals are closing, production is high, things are moving at record pace…the birds are chirping, then sun is shining – smiles & rainbows everywhere. And then there are the OTHER days. Yeah you know THOSE DAYS. Everything smells like guano, every bid is rejected, nothing gets accomplished, fires and smoke – frowns and gloom everywhere.

THOSE DAYS are great for having short term memory loss. This isn’t the movie Groundhog Day, where you wake up and relive the same day again and again. If you are, then PLEASE get HELP to move past that horrible cycle. As bad as any one day is, the sun will come out tomorrow – and you have another entire NEW day to forget the “memories” of the previous day – Rock and Roll and see smiles and rainbows.

Accept the Bad

I see a lot of people get very DOWN by rejection or a bad day – I get it – losing STINKS! But before you chuck that memory out – learn from what you did wrong. To move forward and ensure that you can have LESS bad days – you have to Accept and OWN that you are in control of your business and your life.If you didn’t get the bid (or lost a customer, production wasn’t high, etc… – you either did something wrong – or didn’t do something right. It’s the only way you can LEARN from it – then LOSE that bad memory!

I strongly believe that as the owner or CEO the buck DOES stop with you, and if bad things are happening, it is on YOUR shoulders to figure out the true core reason WHY it is happening – and CRUSH it immediately so it doesn’t happen again. I’ve lost clients because of stupid mistakes – avoidable mistakes. But I ensure you those will NEVER happen again. Fix it – then enjoy the short term memory loss and live to see smiles and rainbows – and ROCK the next day or even the next hour!

Shoot The Ball!

Last night we were playing some family basketball. The Teams were my 7 year old son and I versus my wife and our 3 year old daughter (my 3 year old insisted on these pairings). My son is not an aggressive type – more a thinker and planner. He would run to the hoop, I’d pass the ball to him. 9 out of 10 times, he would dribble away from the basket, turn run around, dribble, dribble more, look for a shot, then pass the ball back to me. Meanwhile I’m yelling “TAKE THE SHOT!”. He took a few more shots – but still was apprehensive about just shooting the ball.

Afterwards, I asked him why he wouldn’t take the shot. He said, “Dad, I wasn’t ready, I wanted to make sure the shot I took was going to GO IN.” After a hug, I explained to him that not every shot you take is going to go in. In fact, I said, if you never take the shot – it absolutely cannot go in. By taking more shots you will increase the amount that go in, because you will get better and better. A head nod for “Yes now I get it” a hug, and off we went to practice.


I see this a lot in the companies and executives I consult with – in all sizes of companies $100k to $700M. People will procrastinate “taking the shot” or “pulling the trigger” on a project because the fear of a “miss”. They will have meeting after meeting, planning session after planning session, read book after book, study, think, ponder – but never take action. Does any of this sound familiar?

I know a great innovator – a real dynamite at ideas. She has so much potential, but she has never pulled the trigger on one of her ideas, and made them reality. Why not take action? Maybe because she is great at innovating – but bad at EXECUTING. If this is the case, then a logical step is to GET HELP. Get someone that can hold you accountable, drive the action process and help you move forward. Otherwise many of her (and your?) great ideas – that could turn into millions of dollars – will never have a chance to come to fruition.

At some point you simply have to take action. It’s the ONLY way to create reactions, either positive or negative. If the reactions are negative, then you know what not to do again (see NetFlix). Practice more, study more, but eventually again, you will have to pull the trigger, take the shot and take action. If they are positive, then you can keep building on those actions and produce wonderful outcomes. Either way – NOTHING WILL CHANGE unless you take the shot. Get help – and get moving!